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Aug 3, 2019

Due to an abnormal amount of audio fuck ups - we decided not to put out this weeks episode.  You can go here to watch the live stream if you would like.

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  • Intro - recorded on 8/3 via Periscope
  • Who's Right Rap - performed and provided by Man brain podcast
  • Shooting the Shiznet voicemail
  • Mcdonalds freakout reaction
  • Blunt Mommy voicemail
  • Juliettes butthole cease and desist letter
  • Amiri King shoutout
  • Baby it's cold outside
  • Roxy Raye shout out
  • It's the meat (Steak-Umms sponsor offer)
  • Peter Noreika voicemail
  • Doug attacked on Twitter for WATP appearance
  • Are gay people as disabled as people with Downs Syndrome
  • Raiden the Vietnamese dick smuggler.


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