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Dec 3, 2017

“Hey there cat daddy’s”

Our first Patreon episode is up and it’s dark

Brand X owes us for syndication

Why is Doug a shut-in?

Doug “discovered” Jersey Mike’s and got 28”

Tweeting to no one.

Anthony’s Monologue

We revisit our first show

China syndrome

Eel in the butt

Have you ever been penetrated in your pee hole

It was just weird

Do women look at everything and ask “can I fuck that”

Trying to get a magazine pregnant

Getting caught rubbing one off when I was a teen

11 year boys shouldn’t be allowed on the internet

It’s a dog gone mystery

Nationwide is not on your side

Fat shaming should be done regularly

Doug’s Near-death experience

We read a @everydayfeminest article

Anthony opens up about one of his fears

Shitting at the golden coral