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Jun 1, 2017

Semen turns me on #NoHomo


  • Peter Noreika – Win or Lose
  • It’s the Peter Noreika show
  • Fuck any podcast who goes out of their way to attack lesser known podcasts.
  • Now its called “Too shy to swallow with Ham and Pickle & we are conspiring to argue.
  • Doug practiced getting waterboarded
  • Are waterbeds considered a white trash necessity?
  • Article about a lynching that took place on the University of Maryland Campus
  • The attack at the Ariana Grande Concert
    • @wingsscotland
  • Twitter/Trump is comedy gold
  • When is too soon to make light of a catastrophe
  • Gokkun – its what’s for dinner
  • Missed connections from Craigslist
  • Anthony is a porn professional
  • Getting busted looking at cock picks
  • Conspiring to argue
  • Fuck Joe Rogan & Fuck Kevin Smith
    • Because they are both funnier and smarter than us
  • If we make one person laugh, we have succeeded.
  • Peter Noreika – Win or Lose



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