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Nov 18, 2017

If you havent had a chance to listen to our show yet (or just plain chose not to), this would probably be a pretty good first listen.

  • Let's start with a cough
  • Fumunda and her amazing cheese making apparatus
  • T shirt giveaway @dontbuythisstuf
  • Shootin tha shiznit voicemail
  • Dakine by @thisisfalcontho
  • Strippers to the front door
  • Let’s read an obituary
  • 29-year-old Autistic Bike trail belly button toucher
  • Tech company disables product through firmware update
  • Gun control.
  • 9/11 conversation for some reason
  • Hacked vibrator from Hong Kong
  • Hackable bluetooth buttplug
  • Metallica = hepatitis
  • Please sue us Lars Buttlick
  • Juliette Miranda has run the gauntlet
  • Daughter marries her mom