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Nov 25, 2017

Im gonna make an h0nest man outta you.


  • I was told there would be cake
  • Charles Manson
  • Anthony hangs out in Nashville at the Alan Jackson bar.
  • Poop culture extended departure
  • @conspiring to argue 2 part show
  • Doug goes vegetarian for an hour
  • We go to town on the honest man
  • Gotta poop – please hold
  • Its not okay to be...

Nov 18, 2017

If you havent had a chance to listen to our show yet (or just plain chose not to), this would probably be a pretty good first listen.

  • Let's start with a cough
  • Fumunda and her amazing cheese making apparatus
  • T shirt giveaway @dontbuythisstuf
  • Shootin tha shiznit voicemail
  • Dakine by @thisisfalcontho
  • Strippers to the front...

Nov 12, 2017

  • Thanks to Dave the producer – and we take it back
  • Heading to Nashville
  • We’ve been robbed
  • Conspiring to Argue discussion (It’s not okay to be white)
  • What about Mexicans?
  • What about fat supremacist
  • We are turning into a couple of Fatzis
  • Speaking of Muslims.
  • Not Virgins! Raisins!
  • Gutter oil to cook food
  • “I think I...

Nov 5, 2017

  • A word from our president
  • We join Poop culture network
  • 5 minutes in and Doug is done
  • Running the Gauntlet
  • The forgotten pizza
  • White privilege makes you fat
  • We are tech illiterate
  • ...visit our patreon
  • Vagina hairballs
  • Fuck my face for trans rights
  • Let's talk about circumcision reversal
  • Do we need 47 different bathrooms...