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Feb 25, 2018

Long episode this week.  We discussed phone sex, the documentary from Morgan Spurlock called "7 deadly Sins", Guys who wear rubber suits to feel like women, a company that makes rubber horse dick shaped dildos. 

Our new favorite person @SongbirdWren explains the science behind cremation in a way that has never been done...

Feb 21, 2018

The vinyl project continues

The seeding finger story

Outback waitress fired story

Here you go Bruce Lee

@hersexyeyes pee tweet conversation

Transgender breastfeeding

Social Justice with Juliette

We break down all the conspiracy theories

Transgender wrestler

Podcast Plugfest 


visit for links to...

Feb 18, 2018

Breaking down the 4th wall

Trello Troubles

Using drops and Jingles is for hacks

Listen to our new jingle

Social Justice with Juliette


Is normal bad?

Our patreon is on fire

Doug cant communicate

Give away winners announced

More #PCEU talk

Casper Mattress Steak Umms commercial

We haven’t shit on Peter Noreika...

Feb 11, 2018

We start off talking about Doug's latest guest spot on Who are These Podcasts, this leads us into talking about Twisted Philly.  We then jump right into how much we would pay to save our pets, Doug is apparently mad at hunters.  Brand X podcast is still off limits.  Nascar is stupid still.  Doug shows off his amazing...

Feb 4, 2018

We start off the show trying to patch up a relationship and it goes horribly wrong.  We discuss a family of orange thieves and what would happen if they had decided to steal sex toys instead of oranges.


We were given another cease and desist letter which prompted us to interview the person that is upset with us.  It...