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Apr 27, 2017

Show Notes

  • Anthony is a Japenese pop music fanboy
  • Anthony sucks at apologizing for his antics last show
  • We have successfully alienated the world
  • Thank you for your cervix
  • Please dont cut our heads off (Religious freedom)
  • Funerals suck and Doug is a selfish prick
  • Fuck Mediacom
  • Sorry Texas - now fuck back off
  • Porn 24/7?
  • Lubed up with 10w30
  • Round 2? Im not going back down there
  • Dont ask Anthony to shower with you
  • Laughing at your own jokes
  • Thanks for your sacrifice
  • We are too old for this shit
  • Failed T-shirt Campaign
  • You thick neck motherfucker
  • AOL "You have porn"
  • Break dancing and Punk rock fliers

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