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Oct 21, 2017

  • Double back ender
  • This is so two weeks ago
  • Check out Shootin the shiznit podcast
  • Doug was trying to steal steaks
  • It’s still real to me dammit
  • Doug wants to use our “power” for good Anthony, not so much
  • Check out little geek lost podcast
  • Where did the term mullet come from?
  • This episode has a theme
  • @13xstudios...

Oct 14, 2017

  • I’m your Jerome Bettis
  • Street Preachers and Redneck Games
  • Going down the rabbit hole that is police brutality
  • Thank you Podern Family
  • Little Geek Lost promo
  • Just quit listening to us
  • Fat acceptance is fucking stupid
  • Bye Ralphie
  • Shaken Babies R us
  • What the fuck is a Cis
  • Model with hairy leg discussion
  • Arrested for...

Oct 8, 2017

This episode was a technical nightmare.  What you are hearing is the third time we recorded (due to losing the audio the first two times.  We apologize for the shitty audio quality but you only have yourselves to blame.  On an unrelated note, here is a link to our patreon page.



Oct 1, 2017

  • John editing Doug’s voicemail
  • Jason takes the high road to the gutter.
  • Anthony wants to fuck a lawnmower
  • Doug jumps ship for the Jasmine Cain show
  • Anthony would have done it for $1.00
  • Check out our story for little geek lost podcast
  • Emetophilia (’s always their dad that fucked them)
  • The Burger king cutter eats...

Sep 24, 2017

  • Juliette & her guy (forget that you know us)
  • It sucks
  • Anthony is going to lead the show
  • Bad Cop Bad Cop discussion
  • We’re now a self-help podcast
  • What’s the deal with cutting the cheese
  • Our dream of doing stand up
  • Fuck you, fight me bitches
  • @PizzaPodcaster discussion
  • Genos Podcast
  • Peter Noreika
  • Brand X voicemail
  • Bad...