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May 11, 2017

5/11 Show Notes


  • Scott H. Biram – Train wrecker
  • Vocabulary lesson
  • Rape Culture
  • Reverse Rape Culture explained
  • Hot Chicks have been reverse raping us for years
  • Thank you to all of the fat ladies
  • Derailed after 7 minutes
  • Two guys and a pizza
  • Anthony’s parents find a box
  • Scott Biram revisited
  • Missed Connections on Craigslist
  • Iowa’s new abortion law
  • Keep the Government out of our business
  • Trump supporters WTF?
  • Trans-able people
  • Transgender verses Trans-able
  • Titus Cheatham rap challenge (follow Titus on Twitter @Titus_Cheatham)
  • We are gonna get street cred
  • Giving birth is fucking gross
  • How to save someone from electrical shock (in 1928)
  • Wrap up


Scott H. Biram info:

Twitter: @scotthbiram


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